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About Novartis Vaccines

About Novartis Vaccines

Novartis Vaccines history

A solid emphasis on research and a never-ending commitment to preventing disease have been the driving forces at Novartis Vaccines and our heritage companies.

Established in April 2006, following the Novartis acquisition of Chiron, our history includes such legends of twentieth-century vaccinology as Emil von Behring, who won the 1901 Nobel Prize for his development of serum therapies against diphtheria and tetanus, and founded the German vaccines firm Behringwerke; and Achille Sclavo, the Italian scientist who developed anthrax serum and established the eponymous vaccine manufacturer that long led the field in Italy.

Sclavo amassed a rich inventory of accomplishments in the sphere of global health, not least his participation in the effort to eradicate smallpox.





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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship rests on four pillars: patients, business conduct, people & communities, environmental care.